Running a business is no easy feat, especially if it’s a highly competitive business. We believe everyone could use a little help, no matter the genre of their business or how well they are doing so far. If your next goal is to create a repeat customer base, then we can help you out for sure…!

1. The Location Matters

First, identify if you want your customers to linger, or if you want them to simply pick up their order and head out. It’s more likely that you’d want them to linger if possible…adding to their order list. In this case, choose your location at a place less likely to be on the path of busy offices. No one wants to head to a coffee shop if it means they’ll be getting stampeded on by rushing office workers! Even a quiet corner in a busy street would work quite well; giving your patrons a chance to people watch while enjoying their time at your place.

2. The Right Decorations And The Furniture To Pull Them Into Your Café

The aim of your interior decorating should be to invite people in and help them be comfortable while inside. Always opt for the most comfortable seating as a comfy space to work in or enjoy a coffee at is a major reason for repeat customers. Look for furniture that is specifically for cafés. Of course, style and colors play a major role, so try to make both your interior decorating as well as your furniture as stylish and attractive as possible.

3. The Food, The Food, The Food!

This one is a no-brainer, but you’ll be surprised at how often people get this wrong. Play your strengths; or in this case, play to your customers’ taste buds and interests. Work on your menu again and again until you feel you have a winning few; be that it is in regards to your beverages or the food. Don’t forget to surprise your customers by throwing something new every now and then; just to keep them curious about your menu every time they revisit. Trust us when we say that if a customer gets hooked on to the taste of your food, they’ll come looking for you even if you have to move to the end of the world!

4. The Chargers And How Reasonable They Are

Without a doubt, most coffee places in town can get crazily expensive. However, these places are probably not looking to create a repeat customer base. This doesn’t mean you have to make your prices unreasonably low to keep your customers coming back; but that you charge for it fair and reasonable. The more effort and ingredients you put into to it, the more you can charge for it fairly. You should also consider portion sizes when calculating the prices for your menu.

5. The Service And The Staff

This tip is golden. Always, always train your staff as soon as they have been hired. This is regardless of if they have prior experience in your line of work or not. The training is not simply how to provide your customers with great service, but also how to do so in your standards and quality. Follow the golden rule of the customer is always right; with obvious exceptions. And though smiling constantly can be impossible, make sure they understand that it’s imperative to create a pleasant atmosphere in order to meet your goal of repeat customers.

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