Once you have made up a proper plan for your new coffee shop and has now planned on a name and gotten your budget sorted out, the next step is to buy the necessary items for your shop. Here is a list of essentials that you need to include in your shopping list.

Beverage Machines

The most important items that you need to include are machines to make a drink. Decide whether you want to only sell coffee or are you going to extend your beverage menu into other drinks such as fruit juice. You will be needing an espresso machine, tea brewer, and a coffee brewer first and foremost. If you do want to include other drinks, then you will be needing a blender or two for milkshakes and to make smoothies. Also include a coffee grinder to your list.


You will be needing proper, clean places to store your ingredients in order to maintain their freshness. Refrigerators are a must. A reach-in-refrigerator can be used to store milk and the ingredients for smoothies. A worktop refrigerator will be ideal to store items that you will need to access frequently and also will help with managing the space within the shop. For food items such as pastries, donuts, muffins and other baked stuff you are planning to sell you will need to purchase a display case.

Water Supply

You will be needing a good water supply not just to make your beverages and other cooking purposes but also to clean the place once in a while. Have a hot water dispenser for making beverages and water filters both inside the kitchen and the serving area for your use as well as for the use of the customers. Similarly, include sinks within the kitchen area as well as in a place that is accessible for the customers. A dishwasher is also something that will make your cleaning tasks easier.

Cutlery, Chinaware, and Dishes

These items are for serving the customers as well as to be used in the kitchen. When selecting them, you can get them in matching sets or you can go for the less traditional way and get colourful items with unique designs. You will be needing plates, glasses, mugs, espresso cups, and utensils such as spoons, forks, and knives. When choosing the plates and mugs for serving you can also match them with the decoration inside the shop.


You will be needing furniture mainly for the serving areas for the comfort of your customers. Add reception tables with either chairs or stools but make sure they are comfortable before you purchase them. You can even add a lounge chair or two along with a sofa if you want to give a cosy vibe to your shop. An outdoor teak garden bench seat or wooden or plastic stools with reception tables can be included if you are planning to serve customers outside as well. But with this, you need to consider proper shade for customers such as umbrellas.

Once you have got your shopping list finalized you can start looking for this equipment and purchase them. Remember to check their quality before you buy them as this will affect your business as well.


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