“We are what we eat” a phrase which has been true throughout the centuries. As we get more advance in science and technology our lives have become more comfortable and sedentary. This is also true for the food that we eat as nowadays processed foods have high amount of sugar and saturated fats which are really bad for our body. So it’s important to have some discipline and learn to eat healthy and live a long happier life. Here are some ways how you can clean up your diet:

StartBy Understanding Food and Calories

It’s best to do some research on the internet of what a calorie is and how many calories you need a day and so forth. Although there is a lot of information some of this can be misleading that’s why it’s highly recommended to hire a dietician to not only teach you about food but also give you a meal plan that suits your lifestyle such as dietitian Ipswich.

Reduce Sugar

Sugar is found pretty much in everything that you consume nowadays so it’s hard to completely eliminate from our diet. But what we can do is to try and use alternatives such as honey or Stevia to replace the sugar as recommended by the best dietitian in Ipswich. Not only will this reduce the calories that you consume but also prevent you from getting the crash that occurs after a sugary meal, and hence keep you active throughout the day

Add More Fruits

This is the perfect remedy for those who have sugar cravings. Instead of reaching out for chocolates or cakes one can stock up their fridge with some delicious seasonal fruits such as oranges , apples  and watermelon to ease their sugar cravings and also get the vitamins and minerals their body needs.

Eat More Fish

Fish is a great source of protein and contain a lot of vitamins, minerals and calcium. Aim to eat at least 2-3 portions of fish per week and include a portion of oily fish such as salmon which is a good source of omega 3 fatty acids.

Eatthe Starchy Food before 6 Pm

This is not a must but can be adjusted according to a person’s lifestyle. The reason its 6 pm is because an average person works more during the daytime and hence needs the carbohydrates which are a ready source of energy. At night time (after 6 pm in our case) the body is going to get rest and doesn’t need excess carbohydrates which could be stored as fat if it not used. So it’s best to limit starchy food at night and replace it with more vegetables and salads

EatYour Breakfast

Many people tend to skips breakfast in the rush to get to work on time or thinking it might help them lose weight. Research however shows that people who skip breakfast are more likely to gain weight easily. Make sure you have a good nutritious breakfast which is high in vitamins and minerals for example like whole grain cereal with fruits is both tasty and healthy

Eating healthy is pretty easy all you have to do is make some minute changes in the way you eat and overtime you will actually end up enjoying it.

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