There are different types of foodies; there are people who love grilled food, others love savoury cuisine and there are people who dig sweet foods. For sweet-toothed folks, they love all sorts of sweets from candies to lollies to pastilles and chocolate coated peanuts. A genuine sweets lover knows all these kinds of sweet variants. If you are a certified sweet tooth, do you really know what kind of sweet food is your favourite? With too many variants in the market, it is very hard to settle for just one favourite. This is what the following list is for, to help find the best sweets for you.

Fruity Sweets

Sweets are of different varieties and if you love them, the confusion on which to choose as the best is definitely hard to imagine. Well, English sweets cover everything from lollies to fruity chewy candies to chocolate covered anything. If you love a sweet taste that has a tangy twist, then maybe you are a person who loves fruity sweets. Fruit caramels are one of the best choices because the burst of fruit combined with the sweet taste of caramel will definitely blow you away. If you love strawberries, you can also try bonbons that are strawberry flavoured or pastilles made of fruit. Just mentioning these sweets can even make your mouth water.


There are sweet-toothed folks who are into lollies. Their multi-flavoured choices, colourful appearance and yummy sweet aftertaste are what make the lollies a bestseller among people, especially kids. Most people who like lollies love the feeling of gradually enjoying the tasty treat whilst holding the lolly stick. You can pop it in in your mouth and pop it out as you enjoy its sweet taste left in your taste buds. Another plus factor for lollies are the really creative and colourful designs that initially give your eyes a treat before even having a taste of them.

Chocolate Covered Nuts

When people talk about sweet food, the first thought that comes to mind would definitely be something related to the most loved sweet of all: chocolate. Any food covered in chocolate is really delicious. It can be marshmallows or fruit or even mint. But the most popular choice for chocolate coating would be nuts. Chocolate covered nuts are popular because of the glorious fusion of sweet and rich chocolate with crunchy nuts. This combination is always reliable when it comes to building positive energy in the person who consumes it. When you are stressed from work, a bite of chocolate covered crunchy nuts can make your day from awful to awesome. Just a sweet encounter with chocolate can turn your day around and this is actually one of the reasons why this treat is to die for.

Being a sweet tooth is a natural thing. People usually turn to sweet and rich food in order to cope better with stressful events in daily life. If you are a certified sweet tooth, make sure you know your choices and once you find the one that gives you the most happiness, stick to it and do not be afraid to dig in.


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