So this year is coming to an end very soon and everybody is looking forward to all the holidays that are upcoming and of course Christmas. The birth of Jesus Christ is well celebrated in all parts of the world and one thing that is customary in Christmas is the exchanging of gifts. Quite often people tend to put less thought and end up getting gifts that aren’t really going to be used by the receiver. So let’s make an effort to really make this Christmas a meaningful one

Prepare In Advance

People who tend to get the gifts last moment end up giving the worst presents. I mean when you do open the present you know that no thought has been put into it whatsoever. So by preparing around 2-3 weeks in advance you can make sure you can get the right gifts

Meaningful Is Key

No matter what you get, it has to be meaningful to the person. It doesn’t always have to be an expensive one. For example Whirlwind Print is one company that is known to do custom made cards for a very reasonable price. By making a custom card with a picture of you and your loved one will be a gift anyone would keep as a beautiful memory for the long run.

Let’s Do Some Stalking

Sometimes it’s not always easy to know what the person wants. Maybe you don’t know the person well enough. In this case you can do some stalking and see what this person likes. For example someone might have posted something on Instagram saying “I want this” you might get an idea as to what this person likes.  Another way of finding out about the things this person is interested in is by looking at his /her Amazon wish list. Many things that people tend to just browse or like in their Amazon account can get stored in their page wish list section so it’s not a bad idea to check that out.

How About Some Charity?

Maybe the person for whom you are planning to buy a gift for has been blessed and has everything. In that case why not do something for charity that your friend would appreciate. For example just find out the charity that your friend supports and then donate wither gifts, food or money under your friends name. Then you can write your friend a card stating that you decide to donate to someone on behalf of him or her. Not only will that count as a good deed but it will make your friend feel that you really know him or her.

Give Them an Experience

This gift could be anything and can fit into any kind of a budget. For example, you can give them tickets to their favourite concert, a wine that you think your friend will like, or if that’s out of your budget you could even give them a box of chocolates that you think your friend has never tried before. Not only will she be able to enjoy the experience but also might be able to share it with others. Remember, sharing is caring and Christmas would be the perfect time to spread this message.


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