Living as an international student in Australia comes with its own tight financial situations. Most of the students studying in Australia live on a budget and making sure you don’t overspend seems like an actual task. Also, to mention, as of 2020 Australia has the 16th highest cost of living in the world. This naturally means managing your finances as a student in Australia comes with its own difficulties.

As groceries and food take a major part of your monthly expenses, it surely can add up a lot to your cost of living. So, if you’re looking for ways to cut back and save money on your groceries and food expenses when living in Australia, here are few ways.

Shop perishable food items wisely

Shop perishables at the beginning or end of a day. This makes a huge difference in how much you spend. Most of the grocery stores have a reduced or discounted section for perishable goods like meat, bakery, dairy and vegetables at the beginning or end of the day. This is because they want to get rid out of these perishable goods easily. However, this maybe a good tip to you only if you’re a person who consumes these perishable items a lot.

On the other hand, if you’re one of those who purchase perishable items rarely or once in a while, don’t shop them when you don’t need to. With the advancement of technologies, there are plenty of ways you can get perishables instantly through technology without stacking them up. Nowadays there are even options for fruit delivery Melbourne that offer fresh produce. These services are easily available in other busy cities in Australia as well.

Try food subscription services

Online grocery shopping has become the new normal. This new phenomenon has given birth to food/meal subscription services.

Food/meal subscription service is where you agree with a provider to deliver you a list of ingredients according to a schedule to your doorstep. This is more like a monthly plan to support your food expense. Depending on the amount of food and ingredients you like to receive each month the price varies. You can be paying anywhere between a few dollars to a few hundred dollars each month.

You can also save money by sharing these subscriptions with your housemates/roommates. You can even customize your subscription to provide supplies for six or any amount of people. This is an excellent way to save up as you can pre-plan how much you’ll need to spend on food each month. This will also avoid you from overspending.

Eat food that gives you the most energy

What most of us focus when buying food is to get food that we like. We don’t focus on how well a food can keep us full for longer. Even energy boosting food is overlooked when purchasing groceries or any other food. One key to save on food while living in Australia or pretty much any other expensive cities is to focus on stacking up energy boosting foods that will keep you full for longer. Avoid stacking up light snacks like chips and other fancy beverages. The problem with these is that they may please your palate and can keep you happy, but it won’t keep you full for long.

This naturally means you will have to buy more food when you feel hungry, thereby makes you spend more. So, try to buy high-energy and nutritious foods like wholegrain bread, pasta, brown rice, beans, oats, quinoa, eggs, nuts, yogurt and dark chocolate.

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