It is quite common to receive invitations for tea in Australia. Especially in the cold season and mostly from families and the older generation. But most people do not realize the value of being prepared for such a tea party if the invitation was from a stranger or maybe their boss. If so, your attention to detail would be greatly appreciated and noted as a plus.

Do Not Go With Night Goods

A tea party is specifically held in the evening, not in the night and definitely not in the afternoon so it is not sensible to take a pack of charcoal or meat and sausages for the grill. Avoid making such poor choices as it would look bad and irrelevant. The party may also be just that, expecting you to make your leave before dinner if the invitee has plans, it may look as if you are looking for an invitation for dinner.

Do Not Take The Actual Tea

This might look quite rude as you are invited to have tea. It may give the misconception that you dislike whatever that they might present you with or that you are in fact showing them your brand of preference. In addition to that, if you provide them with tea leaves when what they served you was the same, to them it may feel as if they have served nothing at all as you’ve replaced their gift to you, this may either sour their mindset or pressurize them to provide you with something extra.

Take Sweets

Think cake or to be grander, corporate branded biscuits. This will surely make them happy as they could serve it with tea and share it with you, saving the rest. This will look like wine to a good Italian dinner. Cake is great but branded biscuits will have the box or the cover that will look like a box of ancient cigar, making the people feel quite special and also if the invitees are of the older generation or have creative children in their home, the box or the container will be very much appreciated and welcome to reside in their home.

Don’t Take Your Whole Family

It is most likely that you received the invitation through a phone call; unless you received an actual invitation, in which case, good for you! So, if they used phrases such as “you may”, “you are”, “you and someone”, do not take your children there or people that are your friends or relatives that they do not know. It might look rude of you to make them work extra or there could be awkward moments because they don’t get along or they just hate kids. It could be possible that they’ve already prepared the tea and your extra baggage might be crashing the party, sending them back into the kitchen. Not a good impression at all.

Dress For It

If it is a formal tea party, please think more than jeans and tee shirts. Maybe a shirt and pants or an evening sundress to please their eyes and make them feel important.



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