Who doesn’t like a nice birthday surprise? – except those who don’t like it of course. Every year, we always try to come up with an idea of how to surprise your family or closest friends. The good news is, there are a plethora of ways to make a surprise. One of the most common is to surprise a person on his/her birthday with a balloon and cake. If you’ve done this many times before, you need to discover new ideas. To help you, here are some surprise birthday ideas you can take into consideration.

Hanging Photo

Create a photo gallery of his/her special mementos. Print out some pictures and connect them to the bottom of the balloon strings. Choose balloon colors that are his/her favorites. Set it up in his/her room or rent a venue. Complete the look with table set-up and rose petals spread on the bed and floor. Don’t forget to have background music, too. Create a list of his/her favorite songs and play it while you’re enjoying the food you’ve prepared.

Eat Out

Surprise the special person in your life by going to a fancy restaurant or cooking a great dinner. If you’re having a bbq party, go to a Macelleria moonee ponds butcher to get the best steaks. They have an excellent selection that the birthday celebrant and guests will all love, for sure.

Small Gifts

Instead of getting one big gift for the birthday celebrant, why don’t you prepare a few small gifts that he/she can open every hour? It will definitely put a smile on his/her face. The gifts shouldn’t necessarily be expensive. You can give the simplest gifts, just as long as it comes from the heart. You may add a special note to make him/her feel extra special.

Car Surprise

Who doesn’t love a nice car surprise? Take advantage that he/she’s away for a while, and fill his/her car up with balloons, a Happy Birthday banner, and flowers.

Road Trip

Make the birthday celebrant have a great time on his/her birthday by surprising a road trip to his/her favorite tourist destination. Kidnap him/her and assure that it will be a fun experience. Prepare the travel essentials just in case you’ve changed your mind and stay there overnight. Check your car before leaving like the brake, light, oil, water, battery, air, and gas. Take a first-aid kit and basic car tools with you, too.

Personalized Cake

Do you know what the celebrant’s hobbies or interests are? If the answer is yes, you can use the personalized cake idea for your birthday surprise. For example, if she/loves collecting designer bags, make or order a Coco Chanel or LV bag cake.

Watch A Game Together

Go the extra mile when it comes to gifting tickets to a game. It’s better if you will be there, too. Do you have connections inside? Use it to get the best seats in the game venue or have a photo op with his/her favorite team or player.

An epic birthday surprise will make the celebrant ecstatic for sure.

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