Treat Your Employees Right to Keep Them Loyal

One of the hardest things to digest is when an employee decides to quit their job, only to join your competitors. Not only will you be one member less, if they are of the top ranks, they are also aware of the business secrets. To avoid this from happening, you need to have loyal employees. Happy employees who have no complaints if you are rarely disloyal. Appreciate them, give them the raise they deserve, and make them feel valued; they’ll never consider jumping ship!


Hire an Accountant, but Learn How to Do It Yourself

It’s nearly impossible to know and handle all aspects of your business. This is particularly true if your business happens to be growing. Accounts, especially is something that needs to be handled by a competent professional. Hire an accountant to make sure you are not overlooking any of your expenses. At the same time, make sure you have enough knowledge to check out their books, reducing the chances of them cheating you.

Insure Your Business in Every Angle

Even if it’s a leased or rented commercial building, we still think it’s vital for you to insure your commercial building. If you happen to use a vehicle for transporting goods, or use expensive machinery, insure those as well. If your business provides advice or a service to your clients, then consider getting BRIC professional indemnity insurance as well. This is to protect you from the third party legal issues.


Hire a Competent Lawyer to Handle the Inevitable Legal Issues

A growing business attracts the attention of all kinds of competitors; some of who would not mind seeing you face legal issues. Instead of worrying about it, be prepared for it by hiring a competent lawyer and keeping him/her in your payroll. Remember that this is all part of the “growing”, so take it in your stride.


Make Sure You Know All the Rules and Regulations Regarding the Country’s Business Laws

If you’ve started a business overseas, it’s vital that you know all the rules and regulations in regards to the country’s business laws. More often than not, it may be different from your own country’s rules; especially when it comes to the taxpaying. Knowing the rules will make it easier for you to get around it, as well as to protect your business.

Install High Quality Firewalls to Protect Company Files

If you have highly sensitive information saved in your work laptop in regards to your business, then it goes without saying that not everyone should be able to access said laptop. While having it password protected is obvious, you should also consider installing a professional, high quality firewall to protect your sensitive information from hackers.


Have Multiple Security Services for Your Workplace

If you happen to have expensive machinery in your workplace, it goes without saying that you might be concerned about their safety when not in use. Apply multiple layers of security, as well as using several services, to ensure your building is well and truly protected from intruders.

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