As your schedule gets busier and busier each day and your kids grow up with their own school and after-school activities, sometimes you rarely get to enjoy a meal together as a family. However, if you want to have a family meal together, where all the members will be present, a family dinner is the best idea. Here are some of the tips to plan your dinner.

Create a Plan Together

Lack of a plan is the reason many family dinners can fail. This does not have to be a huge plan that you all need to stress about. Just get all your members together or get them all to participate over a
Whatsapp conversation and let them all pitch in ideas. Decide on a date and a time that is convenient for everyone. Most often this will be a Friday or a Saturday. Make sure to decide a date and time early so the members can keep that date free without scheduling any other activities on the same day.

Plan a Menu

Since this will be a time where all the members will gather together for the first time in a while, don’t make it another normal dinner. Make it special by planning on a special menu. Decide what all of you would like to have; be it western, Thai, Chinese, Indian, Italian or any other type. If you have time you can get all the members to prepare the meal. But if it feels like too much work preparing everything from scratch, you can always look up good places like groovetrain geelong to get them delivered to your place.

Make It Fun

Your family dinner does not have to be just dinner. Especially since this will be also a family get together you can make it more special by adding some fun activities to the night. Along with the dinner you can plan a movie night and watch a movie that all of you like. If all of you are willing to stay awake for a few hours you can also make it a movie marathon. Or you can get some board games ready for the night, such as monopoly, snakes and ladders, draughts etc. These activities will give the chance for the whole family to join in the fun and also catch up with each other.

Get Everyone Included

Getting together for dinner doesn’t mean you only have to get together to eat and get into the games. You can get the support of all the family members for the preparations. Try especially to get the kids involved in activities such as cooking and setting the table. Even after, when the dinner and the games are over you can get together for the cleaning. This too will give your family more time to bond. Make all electronics such as laptops, tabs and mobile phones banned in the dining table if possible.

A well planned family dinner will not just give you a chance to get together with your loved ones but will also be a good way for you to relax after months and months of studying and work.


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