Billions of people all over the world depend on seafood, particularly fish, as the primary source of protein in their diet. With this trend, the natural growing ocean life cannot meet this demand. Plenty of fish farming techniques are developed in order to provide adequate supply that is safe and nutritious to eat.

The barramundi fish, also known as the Asian sea bass, is native to the Indo-Pacific and North Australian seas. Though they just look ordinary, this species tastes great no matter how it is prepared. It is also packed with nutrients and omega-3 which is good for the heart. Aside from that, the barramundi is easy to grow because of its hardy nature. You don’t need to spend on hormones or antibiotics for these fish to thrive. Here’s why this fish is considered to be the perfect one.

Delicious Flavour

Some people are picky when it comes to eating seafood due to some reasons. There are a few who find it hard to prepare fish because of its nature or smell. Others just don’t like the strong fishy flavour. The barramundi has a mild fishy flavour; it surely blends well on any type of cuisine. Its fat content is just perfect to add a flavourful twist to any dish.

Lots of people love this fish because it doesn’t give off a strong fishy scent when being cooked; you don’t have to worry about the odour sticking all over your place or even your clothes and hair. You can easily get packed barramundi fillets in supermarkets perfect for any dish you want to prepare.


Cooked barramundi is a perfect meal because of the nutrients it contains. It is a good source of lean protein which is a great option for those who are diet conscious. It is packed with omega-3 fatty acids that are good for the heart. As said previously, they can grow well even without chemicals and other add-ons so you surely get to eat purely organic grown fish.

Perfect Farmed Fish

Majority of the people want to eat purely organic produce so they are cautious in buying food products especially farmed ones. Some farms use chemicals, hormones and antibiotics to keep up with the demand. Luckily, the barramundi fish don’t need any of those because they can survive and develop pretty well in their natural environment. Their diet is mainly vegetarian because they are located at the bottom of the food chain, although they can eat smaller fish on rare occasions. They grow and multiply easily in fish farms so there’s no need to worry about them being extinct.

Barramundi fish is popular among Australians. Since this fish is native to their seas, it’s easy to find them when you need to complete your dish. Barramundi fishing is also a common past-time in Australia. If you want to try this fun activity, visit some barramundi fishing charters in Darwin and experience the excitement of catching them.

With the huge demand for safe and healthy seafood options, this fish really has it all.

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