Visiting a winery is one of those activities you should try once in your life even if you are not fond of drinking. It is a one of kind experience that you would certainly enjoy because you would be able to sample some wine for free. You would be able to learn a lot about the wine industry, you would have a different date experience with your significant other and you would have tons of Instagram worthy pictures.

To Sample Glasses Of Excellent Wine

Of course, this is the number one reason why you should visit a winery, to sample some of the finest wine available in your area. What’s more is that these wines are free! If you would not be able to afford or is not willing to splurge money on an expensive bottle of wine, you would still be able to taste it once you visit a winery. And who knows? You might be willing to spend once you have tasted it. Having a bottle or two in your home for impromptu visits of friends and family would be easier for you to entertain your guests and they would most certainly appreciate it.


To Learn About The Industry Of Making Wine

Even if you are not in the wine industry, visiting a winery is still beneficial for you to learn about the process of making wine. You can learn a lot especially if you chose to visit one of the many yarra valley wineries. It’s never a bad thing to learn something new and to pursue something that could eventually be a new interest, hobby or passion. This could be something that you could also have as a side hustle, selling wine or arranging tours for wineries or even being as a silent investor in this industry.


To Have A Different “Date” Experience With Your Partner

If you and your significant other is stuck in a rut when it comes to date night, bringing them to a winery would change all that! Spend one Sunday morning in a winery and find your new favorite wine. You both could learn something about winemaking and you might find some couples to double date with in the future who have the same interests as you.


To Have Instagram Worthy Pictures

Since wineries are within the vicinity where grapes are grown and harvested, you’d be in acres of land that are perfect for any photo. Some of these farm wineries not only harvest grapes and make wine out of grapes; there are also other variety of fruits and plants that could be turned into wine such as strawberry, dandelion, and apple among others. Tours of these farms are also known as agritourism making it as another source of income for farmers.

There are a lot of things you could take away from a visit to these wineries. Not only would you be having free glasses after glasses of excellent wine, but you would also be helping local business owners. So if ever you are within driving range of one of these, book a tour now.



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